1000s of products


At iMed we offer Pharmacies a wide variety of products tailored to meet the needs of Irish Pharmacy:

  1. Parallel Imported Medicines
  2. Diagnostic Products such as Needles and Test Strips
  3. Generic Medecines
  4. Over The Counter Lines
  5. Surgical Products and Dressings

Our parallel imported medicines include UK and Irish Packs that Pharmacies are familiar with.

As the market changes we are constantly adapting to this and trying to find innovative solutions to assist your Pharmacy. Our Regulatory and Purchasing team work very hard to source products from around the EU that will help your Pharmacy gain an improved margin. We work closely with the IMB to ensure that the packs we sell meet the highest quality standards as well as packaging them in a way that is aesthetically pleasing to your customers.

Our brochure shows a wide range of EU imported medicines that help to offer your pharmacy an improved margin. Our regulatory team work hard to ensure the EU Packs are attractive to your customers and stand up to the highest industry standards.

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